What is Sonidorama?

Sonidorama is a network that tells unique stories in Spanish and English (and Spanglish!). We are not only a content creation company, we also curate, produce, compose for people and brands. Our mission is to create a community that reflects the vast diversity of Latinos living in the United States.


Sonidorama is a growing network of podcasts that appeal to newer generations of Spanish speakers in the U.S. and abroad. We all share the same language, but our passions go far beyond the topics typically associated with us. Our listeners exist on a truly global plane and are hungry for content that resonates with them.

Our Mission

To show an ALWAYS POSITIVE variety of audio content of the highest sound quality that enhances and captures different stories across genres.

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We are a group of producers, sound designers, journalists, designers, and script writers who share the same vision: to enhance culture through sound.
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